Thursday, 25 August 2016

Kamikaze Girls - Stitches (SAD EP, Bearded Punk Records/Wiretrap Records 2016)

Kamikaze Girls are Leeds/London duo consisting of Lucinda Livingstone (guitar,vocals) and Conor Dawson (drums) The pair are set to release their new SAD EP on 2nd September,via Bearded Punk Records (EU) and Wiretap Records (US), and the blisteringly beautiful Stitches is the latest single to be released from it.

From the glimmer of its Mercury Girls-esque guitar opening, to the rasp of Livinstone's vocals through to the steady and controlled power of Dawson's drumming, Stitches feels like the product of a band who has worked hard to hone their craft. All of this,combined with Livingstone's bittersweet lyrics that touch on the anxiety of feeling rooted in one location for too long, add up to Stitches being hugely powerful, deeply personal and incredibly affecting.

Kamikaze Girls' Sad EP is released on 2nd September via Bearded Punk Records (EU) and Wiretap Records (US)

Friday, 4 March 2016

Sheer Mag - III 7" (Wilsuns RC, 2016)

Sheer Mag are a five-piece based in Philadelphia who have just released their III EP via Wilsuns RC. Over the course of their previous two EPs,Sheer Mag have exhibited a knack for creating blistering, catchy,invigoratingly vital rock and roll, and their latest release is no different. Opener Can't Stop Fighting feels like it could blow a hole in the radio when it hasn't sounded good all week with it's call to arms refrain. In a way, this sums up why Sheer Mag's III EP is so brilliant - it is socially and politically conscious yet doesn't shy away from an earworm or, in other words,conscientious and catchy. Weighty and wonderful, Sheer Mag's III is definitely a record you should check out

Check out Sheer Mag's at their bandcamp


Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mange - Hey Man (Madhouse Records,2016)

Mange are a three piece hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia who have just released their Hey Man EP, a collection of their tracks so far. On their bandcamp page,the band state that the five tracks on the release are only demos.However,the more you listen to Hey Man the more difficult that statement is to believe. Title track Hey Man feels like a long-lost sleeper hit from the early 90's, all understated, laconic vocals juxtaposed with a frantic rhythm section, while elsewhere the pounding sway of Fantasy is sure to cause inevitable head-bopping. "This is just the beginning" the band state on their bandcamp. After hearing Hey Man, we can't help but agree

Selles - Sunwarper (Self-released, 2016)

Selles is the project of Los Angeles based artist Michael Jakucs. Under the moniker, Jakucs has recently released his second record entitled Sunwarper. Sunwarper is a record to get lost in. Throughout its duration, Jakucs's carefully crafted traversal through the warped,disintegrating synths of Glass Tourists,through to the astral star-gazing of Fractal Ghosts, doesn't take you to an identifiable,recognisable location but it invokes the sensation of having traveled great distances - in body and mind as well as geographically. Grab a pair of headphones,find a quiet place and let yourself by transported by Selle's Sunwarper.

Check out more of Selles at their bandcamp below

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Basement Scene - 20.01.2016

Yet more new music for you to sink your teeth. Throughout the show we played  tracks from acts playing at Scene Better Days Somewhere, It's Summer Fest taking place at Wharf Chambers.

Full Track-listing

1.The Manhattan Love Suicides - Deserted Coastal Town/Action & Memory/What Am I Supposed To Do? (

2.Losing Sleep - One Year of Winter (

3.Milk Crimes - I Don't Wanna Be Alone Again (

4.The Madcaps - One More Chance (

5.Get Human - Holding On (

6.Boys Forever - Poisonous (

7.Chrissy Barnacle - Alright.Enough (

8.Sauna Youth - Blurry Images (

9.T-Shirt Weather - Spaghetti Western (Year 11 Prom Version) (

10.The Deadites - Scene To Be Seen (

11.Spacin' - Over Uneasy (

12.Personal Best - This Is What We Look Like (

13.Cayetana - Age of Consent (New Order cover) (

14.Atterkop - C.D.G (

15.Petrol Girls - System (

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Spacin' - Total Freedom (Ritchie Records/TestosterTunes 2016)

Spacin' are a six-piece from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who have just released their second LP Total Freedom through Richie Records on 15th January 2016.

Within the space of Total Freedom's eight tracks, Spacin' craft an extremely raw, yet understand, style of 60s/70s rock and psychedelia that avoids any of the flabby excess of both genres. For instance, take opener Over Uneasy. Clocking in at 8:47, the track's length could have easily resulted in it becoming stale and overwrought. Instead the sextet hit upon and descend deeper and deeper into a groove until it is firmly rooted in your head. All in all, Spacin' have expertly knit a stomper of a record.

Check out more of Spacin' below:

We'll be playing more of Spacin' on tomorrow's show, but for now you can check out a track from the band in our show from 16.12.2015

Why Have We Set Up This Site?

As some of you might know, Basement Scene is a weekly new music show on BCB 106.6FM that broadcasts from 8-9pm (GMT) every Wednesday. The ethos of the show is pretty simple: to support new and interesting DIY and independent music, and to do this in the most informative/least frivolous way possible, and for the most part it is an ethos we fulfill.

Yet there is always music that we want to support and promote that slips through the gaps due to the time constraints of only broadcasting once a week. So that's the reason we have up this page - to continue supporting and promoting the new DIY and independent music we love through another medium. However, this is not to say that music won't be featured on the show and the site or vice versa. We're lucky enough to have avenues with which to support things, and we're going to use both of them.

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